Saturday, 30 September 2006

Holiday without a camera

For some reason my camera got left behind on my trip to Barcelona. This was obviously a disaster.

What was interesting though was that I reached the end of my three days in the City with a very good feeling for exactly what photos I wanted to take. The patterns, the sight lines, and the lighting effects that would really make stunning photos. I now have a map marked up with some of these.

I suppose it happens when you've been taking photos long enough; you get a feeling for what makes a good picture, and you don't even need to make a 'viewfinder' with your fingers to have a rough feel for how the image will fit.

Of course when you have a camera to hand, it's easy to just click away. And ninety per cent of the shots will just be snapshots - throwaways, below par.

So maybe I'll make sure the next time I'm in a new city, to leave the camera at home the first day. I'll find the angles, think about the shots, and then go back to take the pictures the next day.

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