Tuesday, 19 December 2006

To travel hopefully...

I've blogged before about how the way you travel can be just as important as where you go. Recently I've come across some great ideas for rather different ways of seeing a city.

For instance the Times today carried a story about how to see San Francisco by buggy.  Even better, they have a GPS guided tour installed on-board.  The article is delightfully humorous, but if you want to go straight to SF without bypass, the buggies are at gocarsf.com.

Now I've never had much time for the Segway despite being, usually, your original technophile Gadget Grrl. It's not weatherproof like a car, or fast like a motorbike,  nor does it have the fitness-enhancing properties of a bicycle, rollerblades or good old feet. But just for a bit of fun, a guided trip round Paris, Vienna or Budapest on one of these things seems to have something the guided walk doesn't. Segway Tours also offer trips in Washington, Atlanta, Chicago and New Orleans. But nowhere with really big hills. I wonder why...

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