Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Pizza style Française

We had a fantastic pizza the other day. 'Pizza campagnarde' mixes bacon, 'crottin' (local goat's cheese), cream, and onions. I've not seen this one in Italy but it seems quite typically French.

Even more French - and like all the best cooking, decisively regional - is 'pizza berrichonne'. Crème fraîche, pommes de terres, fromage, lardons, oignons  - in other words, cream, bacon, onions, cheese, and potatoes. Potatoes!!!! But it's darn tasty.

It's intriguing what happens to food when it moves countries. Indian cooking in England is nothing like Indian cooking in India (though it goes back to the 18th century - my father once found a recipe for curry in a recipe book from about 1780).  The Italians probably took Chinese noodles as the basis for a rather different form of pasta.

Only German food doesn't seem to travel...

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