Thursday, 19 April 2007

Historical convenience

I was looking through the programme of "York Walk" guided walks recently.

They have a Richard III walk, a Henry VIII walk, a Guy Fawkes trail and a Bloody Execution tour. All nice approaches to the task of seeing a modern city through different eyes - making the past come alive.

How the Minster was Built includes a visit to the stonemasons' yard, a practical demonstration of something you usually can only imagine -  the actual work of the mason.

But the one that really caught my fancy was  the Historic Toilet Tour.

From Roman hygiene (though of course, being pedantic, the word 'hygiene' comes from the Greek) to nineteenth century promotion of public decency, by way of the medieval garderobe, it covers the bare necessities of excretion through the ages.

But I wonder if they know when toilet paper was invented?

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