Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Bob, bob, bob

A fantastic press release from Travelodge appeared this morning. My favourite of the year, so far, and thank goodness it's not April 1st.
If you are stressed out, they now offer you the opportunity to book quality time with a goldfish.

Two Travelodges, in Leeds and Birmingham, will have nicely equipped tanks for their guests to watch. And we're assured they will be properly looked after.

I certainly would book myself some time with the goldfish if I were staying. It does seem one of the nicer services offered. I remember another hotel chain where you could book out a Nintendo Gameboy for a rather different method of de-stressing.

Why  'bob, bob, bob' in the headline, you may ask. If you can lip read, you'll realise this is what goldfish keep saying. A good thing they only have an attention span of thirty seconds.

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