Monday, 14 January 2008

Damson gin

Regular readers know I have a sideline in home made liqueurs.

We just opened the 2007 damson gin. Like sloe gin, only made with damsons. Three ingredients; damsons, sugar, gin. Leave to macerate for six months. Stir the sugar every day till it's dissolved and then just leave it.

We poured it through a funnel into a bottle. We got half a litre, and then two glasses for drinking now. And lots of really tasty, gin-pickled damsons for eating. (I'm going to stone a few of them and make chocolate tiffin cake with them. Should be fun).

Rich red, sweet, plummy liqueur. The big surprise: it doesn't taste of gin at all. And it's very aromatic. Highly recommended. Give it a try!

Next year, we're making five litres.

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